Nonprofit Website


It is a website that is created for nonprofit organization such as Fundraising, charity or local club/organization. Even they are not much different from business websites we decided to separate them strictly for the purpose of pricing. We understand that nonprofit organizations need as much financial support as possible so we lowered our pricing as much as possible to support our community.

What additional functionality can you expect from this type of website design?

Nonprofit websites should have additional functionality for their users. Those could be for example:

  1. Event calendars with easy management for visitors.
  2. Newsletter website module to ease contact with members of the organization.
  3. Website integrated payment portal for the easy contribution of members or charity.
  4. Blogs only for members of the organization

Off course those are the most popular modules for websites, any needs for additional or different web design can be adjusted to your needs.

What should I know before web design and development for nonprofit website starts?

The easiest way to prepare for the project is to follow our set of 5 basic questions.

  1. What is the purpose of my future website?
  2. Who and what is my target? Type of audience, age group, professionals, etc.
  3. What do I want to show my future website visitors? What materials would I like to use? Pictures, text, CV – resume, Gallery of recent or past projects, reviews of previous customers etc.
  4. What is the design and style that I want? Custom website design, classic or modern website?
  5. How big website do I need? Single page website or multiple page design?

With those 5 questions answered, we will have a basic idea of what is that you are looking for. Off course there will be more questions about additional functionality as mentioned before but those are additions to your website and they can be added always at any time.

Since you already have a basic idea of what your new website should look like, after answering previous 5 basic questions, you can check our pricing and services offered for web design and development by clicking on one of the links below.

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  2. Nonprofit Organizations website design and development, costs and our offer

What if I’m looking for a different type of website?
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  4. Online Store Website design and development costs and our offer

If you have any questions about business websites please let us know by email

What’s next? How to start with website design and development project for a non-profit website?