HTTP vs HTTPS? Which one should I use?

HTTP vs HTTPS? Which one should I use?

Many times people ask me questions about HTTP and HTTPS so I decided to try to explain best I can on what are they and what is the difference between them.

Let’s start by simple short definitions for both of them:



This is the communication protocol allowing connection between user and server. In a simple way we can say that HTTP is a system that connects you to any website on any server in the world.


This is a an extension to the HTTP protocol that adds security to the connection between you and websites that you are visiting. Thanks to this “add-on” to HTTP your privacy and integrity of connection is secured.


Which one should I use for my website? HTTP or HTTPS?

If you are looking only for functionality for your website then it doesn’t matter as both of them will work for any kind of website. I would recommend using HTTPS for a security reasons especially if you are owner of business and you are promoting and marketing your business online.

What are benefits of using HTTPS beside safety of my website?

HTTPS is not only creating safe environment for you and visitors of your website but also is adding few perks from witch some are quite important.

Top benefits of using HTTPS:

  1. Safety
  2. Google and other search engines will like your website more and it will get few extra points in position in Google listing, link to Google for more information.
  3. People prefer secured websites so if online marketing is important for your business, especially online stores, than you better start using HTTPS as soon as you can. It is simple, why risk losing private information and data if you don’t have to, stay safe.
  4. HTTPS allows you to go further and to upgrade speed and performance of your website, HTTP/2 for example gives nice boost to the website performance and HTTPS is required to have it in order for it to work.

How can I get HTTPS for my website?

In case if you are one of our customers just let us know that you would like to have HTTPS enabled on your website and we will take care of it.

If you are not our customer we can do it for you to, we will need access to the server where your website is hosted and to your websites Administration Panel if you are using CMS system.

Click here for our contact information

How do I know if HTTPS is already enabled and working on my website?

To check if page is working with HTTPS click on the lock that is to the left of www address in your browser. In some browsers it might show right away if site is secured or not but to make sure allways click on the lock image.

After clicking on the lock image new window will pop up. It will tell you if the website that you are curentlyvisiting is working with HTTPS – secured, or HTTP – not secured.

1. HTTPS setup and working

2. HTTPS setup – not working

3. HTTPS not setup


In the first picture, you can see the message that will be visible when the website that you are visiting is working with HTTPS. The second picture is showing a message that shows only on websites that are working in the HTTPS system, but it is not installed correctly or not finished, this website would not be fully protected. The last example, the third image, is showing a website that is working in the HTTP system and it’s not protected at all.

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