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In today’s world internet is a center of trade and business. Multiple companies are only online based. Number one benefit of having a website or being present online is possibility of reaching much more customers in shorter time. Thanks to search engines, Google for example, your website can be found by millions of people in seconds and not only locally but also globally. There is many more befits just as improved credibility for business or opening for multiple markets at the same time but I will explain those step by step later.

What are the top 5 reasons to get a website for your business?

  1. Increased sales – Availability to reach a large group of customers will bring more revenue
  2. Improved credibility, people tend to believe more in the business having a professional website and for some people, it’s just much more efficient and comfortable to use website than visit a store in person.
  3. If your business doesn’t exist online it doesn’t exist at all, a lot of people and potential customers will choose a business for many types of services only from the internet.
  4. Cost-efficient service, imagine a store that needs to be able to help out 1000 customers at the same time. How many people would have to work there? With a professionally designed online store, it all can be done automatically with just one website.
  5. Cost-effective marketing – top search engines just like Google for example offer many types of advertising that are capable of targeting audience just as you would like. There are also many other types of advertising as email campaigns and social media campaigns for example.

What are most common types of websites for business?

  1. Brochure website – This type of website comes in specific web design with target to increase online presence and promote business in a world wide web. It is a perfect solution for people that do not require any special services, add-ons or modules for their websites. Brochure website is most commonly used by people working in trades and freelancers.
  2. Small business website – Very similar to brochure websites but it comes with more space for description of services offered to customer. For example custom kitchen cabinet builders or local medical specialists or clinics.
  3. Corporate Websites – It comes with much more specific web design. Large information space for services and custom design are most common differences from other types of websites and web designs.
  4. Online Store Website – Simply a store that is available in World Wide Web. Accessible from everywhere in world 24h/7 days in week. Most online stores come not only with possibility of sale but also with administration panel that allows to control the store, customers, assigning sale groups, discount, stock management and many more.

What are most important things to do before you start web design and development project for your business?

  1. Find your target and budget for your website If your budget is limited find the most important target that you are looking for to achieve with new website or web design. Always make sure that you know what your budget is and know the total cost of project before you start it.
  2. Marketing web design. Website itself will not work if your content is irrelevant to your target. Make sure that your “website building materials are ready” or get professional help with choosing content for you website.
  3. Attractive web design. Website needs to be clear and information needs to be easy to find, without it customers might leave before you get chance to offer your services.
  4. Contract. When you hire someone to create website for you make sure you have a contract. It should describe all work that it will be done as well as what are your responsibilities when it comes to providing content or payment schedule.
  5. Top Technology. Make sure that your website comes with newest technology. You need a web design that is:
    • Responsive, adjusting its looks to size of display. For example same website will look different on a PC than on a smartphone. This way you can be sure that users with all kinds of devices will be able to see clear and attractive website.
    • Fast loading, none will wait 5 minutes for a website to load, make sure it loads in seconds as this is what your customers will expect.
    • Search Engine optimized, if your website is not optimized Google and other search engines will not show it when people look for it.

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What’s next? How to start with website design and development project for a business website?